Level Up Dice ECCC Collector's Edition D6 Set

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Roll in style with this collector's edition ECCC D6 set made by Level Up Dice. Each set contains 4 solid aluminium 6-sided sharp-edge dice, anodized in ECCC Blue and showcasing the Emerald City Comic Con logo laser engraved across the 6 face of all four dice. The dice come in a custom-made aluminium case, perfect for on-the-go gaming. Each case is individually numbered from a limited run of 300 pieces, so be sure to grab your piece of ECCC history while you can!

All of Level Up Dice's Aluminium Metal Dice are CNC machined, with each of the dice perfectly weighted at 99.5%, then engraved to maintain their perfect balance. The aluminium is anodized, which is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.  

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