Tentacle Kitty Spicy Miso (Red)

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Please note: The 2020 ECCC Ramen Tentacle Kitties were supposed to be blind boxed – meaning, you would not know which of the assorted six you were going to receive. However, due to an error at the factory, they were not mixed up in the shipping cartons. This meant that if someone ordered 6, they were likely going to receive 6 of the same Ramen Tentacle kitty. After conferring with the team at Tentacle Kitty, we decided that the only recourse that we had was to open them all up, and allow fans to select which ones they want to buy.

Furthermore, a quick note the 3 rare varieties… When we say “rare,” we meant RARE. Originally, the rare varieties made up literally just 1% of the total run of original Blind boxes Ramen Tentacle Kitties… But since we’re now making them available to buy outright, Tentacle Kitty has graciously agreed to furnish us with of the three rare varieties. We are not announcing production runs, but it’s considerably more than the 1% that it was the first time around. They’re still rare, and there are fewer than the “standard” versions – but we wanted to make them accessible to all collectors. We expect to have the new round of the three rare ones in our warehouse in mid-July.

A final note: as a result of these changes, your Ramen Tentacle Kitties will still come in their soup cups; however, the cup will no longer have a lid.

Please note: Orders are shipping from different fulfillment centers so you may receive multiple tracking numbers. Please allow between 6-8 weeks for shipping.